Air Dry Clay

What is air dry clay? Most people have head of regular clay and this is simply clay that needs a kiln to harden. The best part about air dry clay is that it dries with regular air. Not having a need for a kiln makes this clay better for children who want to learn how to sculpt and also adults who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a kiln that will rarely be used.

A lot of people use Crayola air dry clay because it is the most popular easy-to-use and readily available clay option. If you don’t want to use the air dry clay that Crayola makes, then you can always make your own with one of the many air dry clay recipes online. If you know how to make air dry clay, then you won’t have to buy your own and this is a great way to save money. Now, if you would rather buy your own clay, then make sure you benefit from it by purchasing it online.

Benefit Of Buying Air Dry Clay Online

In buying stuff, we tend to weigh in the given advantages that one option gives us. Most of the time, online shopping prevails over the conventional shopping method and that’s not without any basis. Below are some of the best and notable things online shopping has to offer in terms of this product.

  • Cheaper – Whenever you buy anything online you will get a better price, that is why most people prefer to buy items online.
  • More Colors – One of the benefits of buying air dry clay online is that you will now have a much larger selection to choose from. You may have some local stores that carry a wide variety of colors, however, you will find more online.
  • Different Sizes – Not only will you find more colors online, you will be able to choose between a bunch of different sized containers as well. For instance, you can find gallons of Crayola air dry clay online but you might not be able to find it at a local store.

As you can see, the benefit of buying air dry clay online is much better than buying it locally. If you don’t want to buy air dry or polymer clay online, then you can always buy it locally but you might not get the best deal on it. Children love to play with clay as opposed to playing some other toys. Here are a few toys that children love but just don’t compare to air dry clay.

Why Air Dry Paint Is Better Than Other Alternative Toys

  • Dirt – Dirt is probably one of the things that every child loves to play with. The nice thing about dirt is that they can find it everywhere, however, you can’t do much with it. The problem with dirt is that it can easily get into a child’s eyes and this can cause many problems. Naturally, dirt is also home to numerous harmful bacteria which is not a good thing.
  • Sand – Sand is another popular thing children like to play with. The benefit that air dry clay has over sand is if it gets into your carpet, then you can easily pull it out. With sand it is much harder because of the fine particles. Sand like dirt can also hold harmful substances.
  • Paint – Now, something every kind enjoys is painting. The reason air dry clay is better for children is because it won’t make such a mess and it won’t ruin clothes. Pain may be fun, but it is for children that are a little older and know what it is for.

If you have children, then you know the things they like to play with all three of the above items. Just know that air dry clay is much cleaner than all of these things and that is why you should consider it for your child. Another benefit the air dry or modeling clay has is the opportunity for the child to enhance creativity in building and molding stuff out of the clay. It enhances learning which is something all parents should be happy about.