Are Clay Toys Safe?

Every parent gets concerned about their children’s safety and they sure need answers to this question; are clay toys safe? The question of air dry clay and how exposing your children to it could be hazardous is highly controversial. However, there are different types of clay toys and many of them have been proven harmless to children. The most common types of clay are;

  • Polymer clay
  • Air drying clay
  • Re-usable clay

Each type of clay has its advantages and disadvantages. As a parent out to choose one, check the most suitable for the purpose at hand. If you still want your clay toys safe question answered, check the specification of each clay before using it to make toys for your child.

Facts About Clay Toys

Most clay toys are made with your child in mind. You might find that children are tempted to eat anything with a sweet smell or sometimes simply anything. Due to this, most clay toys are odorless to guarantee the safety of your child. Many clay toy manufactures also adhere to standards that guarantee production of safe toys.

Are clay toys safe? This question is sure to linger in your mind when it comes to reusable clay. This clay can be used for a long period of time to make toys. It means any toy can be easily dismantled and rebuilt. Perhaps this is what is troubling you because if it is easy to reuse, your child can easily swallow it. However, there is a type of clay that is composed of natural ingredients. When choosing clay to make toys for your child, choose the one without artificial preservatives.

Clay toys are also safe when they are made of edible ingredients. Again, clay toy companies understand that children are sure to put their toys in their mouths. Other children also swallow some parts of their toys. When choosing toys, ensure you choose safe clay that won’t hurt your kid after they swallow it and the question of are clay toys safe will be answered.

You may still be worried if your child has allergies and perhaps you are asking yourself, are clay toys safe? Again, there are safe clay toys. As the parent, you literary decide how safe your child will be. If you know that your kid has sensitive skin, choose clay toys without any additives. If they are allergic to some modeling compounds, choose clays without these compounds. However, clay toys will eventually get dirty or even moldy since it’s a perfect medium to collect dirt and substances. Eventually, the clay will get dry and harder which implicates disposal.

Polymer clay becomes an inert substance after curing. No toxins ever leach out after the process. This means your child is totally safe when using polymer clay toys. Additionally, polymer clay does not break easily. This means it does not pose the danger of chocking incase children bite into it. No joints break easily when it comes to polymer clay.

How Do Clay Toys Become Potentially Dangerous?

Clay toys can be dangerous to your child if:

  • They can break off if bitten into. This might lead to choking.
  • Polymer clay is toxic when burnt.
  • If clay toys are perfumed, children can easily swallow parts of them.
  • Artificial additives can be disturbing to allergic children if they contain allergens.

Overall, clay toys are still one of the safest toys you can give your kids since it doesn’t shatter, don’t have sharp points and will not break anything if ever your kid decides to throw it in the air. Also, clay toys encourage the use of creativity which is always a good thing.