Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is a material that is easily sculpted.  This material is based on PVC or polymer polyvinyl chloride and contains no clay mineral. The reason as to why its name is derived from clay is that its texture and working properties are similar to that of clay. Its features are same as those possessed by clay. Polymer clay is usually sold in crafts, hobby and also art stores. It is commonly used by artists, children and also hobbyist.

Polymer Clay Tutorial

  • Make sure you have wet wipes with you to constantly keep your hands clean while sculpting. Any dirt that you have in your hands might end up sticking to your sculpture.
  • Use a lazy Susan to make it easier to turn your sculpture.
  • Have a mirror with you. This will help you to clearly analyze if there is anything wrong with your sculpture.
  • Next step is to make your polymer smooth with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Mix and roll the polymer clay using a pasta machine and then you will be good to start with sculpting procedures.

Air dry clay usually requires a kiln to dry. This clay can also dry with regular air. Commonly used air dry clay is the carayola. This is because it is easy to use and also it is readily available. The main reasons as to why people prefer to use it are that they are cheap, they come in more than one color and you can find them in different sizes. When purchasing them, it is good to buy online where you can compare prices and also get a good deal out of it.

Polymer Clays Ideas

  • You can use it in your kid’s room for signage purposes. This sign can either be hanged or put on your kid’s floor.
  • You can use it for a personalized jewelry design.
  • You can also use it as a photo pendant.

Instructions on How to Make Polymer Clay Beads

  • Begin by getting your polymer clay ready.
  • Take the polymer clay and work it using your hands.
  • Select bead size that you wish to make.
  • Set them spaced on a pie tin and cook it on a polymer clay package wrap using temperature and time that have been set.
  • When it is ready, leave them to cool. After this process your beads will be ready to use.

Now that you have your beads ready, you can then proceed into making them as a pendant or adding them to your charm bracelets.